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In Spanish, question marks are used at the beginning and the end of a question.

If a sentence contains more than a question, the question marks frame the question when the question part comes at the end of the sentence. Only the last four words form the question, and thus the inverted question mark, comes near the middle of the sentence. Since the question part of the sentence comes at the beginning, the entire sentence is surrounded by question marks.

Understanding Basic Spanish Punctuation

Exclamation points are used in the same way as question marks are except to indicate exclamations instead of questions. Exclamation marks are also sometimes used for direct commands. If a sentence contains a question and an exclamation, it is okay to use one of the marks at the beginning of the sentence and the other at the end. In regular text, the period is used essentially the same as in English, coming at the end of sentences and most abbreviations.

Tureng - ¡y punto! - Spanish English Dictionary

However, in Spanish numerals, a comma is often used instead of a period and vice versa. The comma usually is used the same as in English, being used to indicate a break in thought or to set off clauses or words.

Shakira, Maluma - Clandestino/ CLANDESTINE (Spanish & ENGLISH Lyrics)

One difference is that in lists, there is no comma between the next-to-last item and the y , whereas in English some writers use a comma before the "and. The dash is used most frequently in Spanish to indicate a change in speakers during a dialogue, thus replacing quotation marks. In English, it is customary to separate each speaker's remarks into a separate paragraph, but that typically isn't done in Spanish.

Dashes can also be used to set off material from the rest of the text, much as they are in English. The angled quotation marks and the English-style quotation marks are equivalent. The choice is primarily a matter of regional custom or the capabilities of the typesetting system. The angled quotation marks are more common in Spain than in Latin America, perhaps because they are used in some other Romance languages such as French. The main difference between the English and Spanish uses of quotation marks is that sentence punctuation in Spanish goes outside the quote marks, while in American English the punctuation is on the inside.

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El Cantarito y Punto, Moyobamba

Sign In. These functions are constantly recycled throughout the program to reflect the real-life use of language. Grammar review may be found at the back of the program, reserving the main chapters for setting up engaging real-world uses of language and rich cultural presentation. Punto y aparte offers meaningful communicative practice through writing and speaking activities that help put students on a successful path to progress from simple utterances to more extensive discourse, and from sentence-level to paragraph length expression.

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