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Kid On My Shoulders

This podcast interview best explains our approach to life. Where have we been?

From there, we landed in Bend, Oregon for outdoor fun — skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and trail running. We still travel a few months a year Spain and Portugal in spring for a bike tour! For day-to-day action, check out Traipsing About on Instagram.

G7? G8? G6? Divisions on Full Display at Summit of World Powers

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Posts range from van life to self-employment to outdoor adventures rock climbing, trail running and mountain biking. After years of rooted living — buying property, both of us building a business — and almost going down the road of staying put and raising a family — we decided to cast off the lines and head out.

Initially, the plan was a four month road trip.

Life as a Londoner

We challenge ourselves with projects like not buying anything new for a year, or doing yoga every day for a month, or living in a van and sharing 75 square feet. How do we do it? A good sense of humor and lots of laughing. Somebody said- "Guys don't read! Smashwords customers please note: The reason for my relatively high prices is that like most pro writers I'm very tired of getting paid peanuts for my hard work.

A decade's work for very little has made me less than keen on birdseed prices. The only other thing I can say in favor of my prices is that you definitely won't find anything like my books online, particularly in the sugary world of management science. I don't write for idiots. snoop summary

Important note re "Customer Service for Managers" I'm sorry, but repeated attempts to format this book have been unsuccessful. Really, I'm now on my tenth draft version, and I do have a life to live. If you have problems or can't download this book, I really don't know what the options are.

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There is an earlier print and e-book version on lulu. Words: 38, Language: English.

  1. Mystic Dangers.
  2. Le Fils du diable – Tome II (French Edition).
  3. Travel Log;

Published: June 19, Sheridan is a very intelligent guy, with a brilliant sister, an intoxicatingly beautiful and equally intelligent girlfriend, and a sort of psycho-hedonist.