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Christ Personally the Subject of Preaching. Earnestness in Warning Men. Faithfulness Reciprocated. Growth in Perfection. Ministerial Faithfulness. Memoirs of Mrs.

Grant of Laggan. Motives to Earnestness. On Preaching Christ. Perfection a Life's Work. Sinners Must be Warned. The Apostolic Ministry. The Christian Ministry. The Exalted Aim of the Christian Minister.


The Mission of Christian Preaching. Christian Endeavour. Work in Us and Work by Us. Three Wonderful Things. All Riches of the Full Assurance of Understanding. Christian Unity.

Colossians: The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ

Earthly and Heavenly Riches. Error is Insidious. Ministerial Anxiety. Paul's Striving for the Colossians.

God’s Design For The Family (Colossians ) |

Satan's Method. Soul Prosperity. Punshon, LL. Paul's Conflict. The Boundless Wealth of Wisdom in Christ.

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The Full Assurance of Knowledge. The Full Assurance of Understanding. Hughes, D. Spence, D. The Hidden Treasures of Wisdom in Christ.

Paul Finally Arrives in the City of Rome

The Treasures of Christ in Relation to Education. Archer Butler, M. The Triple Fruit of Evangelical Doctrine.

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The True Safeguard Against Error. Introduction to the Polemical Part of the Epistle. A Warning Against Deceivers. Blessed Christian Possibilities. Congratulations and Counsels. A Lofty Church Ideal. Apostolic Praise of Order and Stability. Order and Steadfastness. Phases of Human Nature. The Faith and Order of the Gospel Recommended.

Table of Contents

The Separation of Friends. The Value of Steadfast Faith. Christian Progress. Colossians Ii. Christ is the Believer's Foundation. Christian Activity the Safeguard of the Church. Faith is Receiving Christ. Growth in Christ. Progress is Gradual.

follow url Receiving Christ and Walking in Him. Retrospection the Basis of Progress. Suggestive Features of the Christian Life. The Christian Life. The Christly Character.

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The Life and Walk of Faith. The Principle of a Consistent Christian Walk. The Threefold Growth. A Warning Against Speculative Deceivers. Christ the Treasury of Wisdom. Philosophy and its Counterfeit. Philosophy Discriminated. Philosophy True and False. Paul's Attitude Towards Philosophy. The Bane and the Antidote. The Gospel to be Preached in its Purity. The Gospel to be Preached Simply. The Marks of a False Philosophy.