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One had some pretty weird stuff on it.

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You get chills and hear walking behind you while at this cemetery. When you turn around, though, no one is there. Witnesses have seen a big black dog there and when they looked again, it wasn't there. Erie - Gannon University - Frat House - Years ago at this frat house there was a Halloween costume party the fraternity was hosting. Everybody was dressed up in a costume. During the party, what appeared to be a person, was looming around quietly dressed in a dark cowboy-like outfit with a big brim black hat.

One of the people at the party noticed the figure and followed it to a room upstairs. Then the figure turned around and looked at the person and disappeared. Later on during the party, noises such as walking, banging, and windows opening and closing began to be heard from the upstairs of the house. Some of the people at the party went upstairs to see what was happening. When they got up there, the figure was seen again and this time it spoke. Then it vanished and everybody left the house.

To this day, it is not known if the figure still haunts the house. Erie - Old Main Tower at Mercyhurst College - This structure used to be a convent in the earlier part of the twentieth century. A woman that had been told that her lover was killed in WW2 joined the convent back in its day. A few years later, the lost lover returned, but the nun had already given her heart to God. She went crazy and was locked in the tower where she committed suicide.

The ring that her lover gave her was placed at the base of a Virgin Mary statue. For the last fifty years, anyone who had touched the ring died within five years. The ring was eventually locked away, but appears every so often.

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People have also claimed to see the nun's spirit roam the halls. Doors slam by themselves. Presence felt throughout the building. Erie - Penn State Behrens - In the 's a student by the name of Henry, the last name has been lost over the years, lived on the 3rd floor in the West wing of Niagara Hall. Henry horribly died after freezing to death on a cold winter night.

It is said that he tried to get the heater to work and the door was jammed, no one heard his screams as he frantically tried to escape the room. The next morning his roommate found his body clung to the heater, hoping it would turn on.

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Some who stay in this haunted room have said that some nights you can hear Henry shaking the heater and the door in attempts to escape his frigid death. Erie - St. Peter Cathedral Center - The one part of the building is over years old. Faint voices can be heard on the 4th floor. Banging throughout the building. Sometimes shadows can be seen. Lights turn off and on by themselves after leaving a room. Doors open and close by themselves at times. Anthony Wayne was boiled here in order to remove the skin from the bone so part of him could be buried in Philadelphia. The cauldron in which he was boiled is stored in the kitchen of the house and is known to bang and rattle at night.

Also the apparition of a young girl is also seen on the second floor.

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The mansion is now a museum. Exchange - Katie's Church - Katie's Church was named after Katie Vandine, the story goes that her Finance', a soldier was en route home to marry her when she received word that he was killed, distraught over this she hung herself in the tree, in her wedding dress at the church.

Her headstone runs opposite of all the others. Reports of seeing her walking the road between her house and the church as well as seeing her at the church. Exton - The Ship Inn - This inn is believed to be haunted by a ghost from the eighteenth century. The structure was built in the 's. The origin of the ghost is unknown. Duquesne in It is said that the ghost of one of General Braddock's Grenadiers will accompany anyone traveling over the bridge until they are safely across.

Farmington - Fort Necessity National Battlefield - Phantom musket fire and the scalp-haloo of Indians at night where George Washington's first defeat took place in Fawn Township - Lojack's Tunnel - If you go through the tunnel late at night, your supposed to see a little girl that was hit by a semi truck walking in the tunnel, also sometimes you will see headlights of a semi turn on behind you Fawngove - Citizens Vol.

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Fire Co. THE white lady comes back looking for her baby at night. In a unknown guy was coming home late at night. He went by pond bank and the white lady stepped in front of the car causing him to have an accident. When the cops arrived the guy told them about the white lady. The building was built 30 years before the formation of our country. General George Washington used it as a rest stop for his men on their way to Valley Forge.

When you go inside the building the temperature is like walking into a freezer, even when it was 90 degrees outside. Witnesses have heard footsteps behind them and up on the second floor. In the main bar room there were voices from nowhere and they report it felt as though people surrounded them. On the second floor and the attic it is deserted of any furniture except one room where there is this old bed spring, a 's era toilet and a shower head. And a picture of the door and picked up a man standing in the doorway.

Other pictures show countless orbs. Flourtown - The Tracks - A train used to run through Flourtown until the 60's or 70's. After the train stopped running the tracks remained until when they were removed and all that remains is a long dirt path that runs behind Penn Oak Rd. Residents in the area sometimes hear the sound of a train as if it were still running and have seen a man walking along the tracks and then disappear.

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They have also seen a small boy around the Basketball net on Penn Oak, As well as underneath the bridge. The boy is about five yrs. Ford City - Rueben's Grave - Reports of a ghost that often appears as a white stallion with flaming, red eyes. Frackville - Frackville Elemantry School - People are seen walking in the halls but there are no people just shadows.

The liberty bell was housed in the inn. There was a caretaker killed at the inn. Tours are open on special days to celebrate the landmark. And people have seen chandeliers swinging back and forth and turning off and on.

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And you can hear voices. They even found a shoe that looks like it's from the 's. It was found near a secret room The origin is unknown, but the spirit of a little girl haunts the place. She appears to have suffered from burns. The little girl's ghost has been seen in several of the rooms and roaming the halls. She has even been reported to pull on the pant legs of males. Galeton - Potter County Railroad - Mysterious lights have been sited behind the Ox Yoke, strange inhuman, non-animal sounds can be heard. Gettysburg - An open field near Devil's Den - Witnesses reported being in the middle of a battle, reliving it.

Gettysburg - Cashtown Inn - a civil war soldier has been seen here. Gettysburg - Cemetery Hill - On chilly summer nights, you can see at times a blue column of light.