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Too often I read a book with a 9-year-old who sounds like a teenager. The parents have morals and are more like Robin Hood taking from the rich and never the poor. When the townspeople need help, they are there to rescue them.

The Vengekeep prophecies

When Jaxter struggles with his future, they give wise, loving advice. The entire family looks on the positive side of a situation no matter how grim. I was too busy ignoring you. See what I mean?


Great read aloud. Great story. Read it! She grew up in Minnesota before embracing the overseas lifestyle.

She has a lesson blog and book review blog. Follow her on Twitter middletonba. Now I think I will.

The Vengekeep Prophecies

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When his parents swap a prophetic tapestry for a fake, they find the prophecies starting to come true. Suddenly, the family is asked to save their town from monsters and natural disasters.

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The problem is a lot of the prophecies they faked are really dangerous. The worst part, they are stuck in town until all of them come true. Jaxter is able to leave and must head on a quest to find all of the items to destroy the tapestry and stop the prophecies from coming true. Jaxter is an interesting character in that he is a terrible thief. His own little sister, who doesn't talk, is a better thief than him.

He's clumsy in all things but he has a fascination with learning, including a book of herbs that help to combat magic. This skill has come in handy and his parents always support him and try to help him, even when failing at thieving. Which is why they trust him to save the day on his own. A new found friend Callie forces Jaxter to take her with him, and she helps him sneak out through the tunnels of the town and into the world. With every adventure comes dangers and obstacles, so Jaxter is glad to have Callie along. Together they meet an old family friend, or so he says, Edilman knows Jaxter's parents but is marked to go off to his own execution.

Even so, they trust him and he takes them to see the Duchess under the guise of a teacher and two pupils. Jaxter and the Duchess have much in common, both loving to learn about herbs and plants and their many uses. So when it comes time to steal from her, Jaxter is regretful but is convinced she wouldn't just let them take what they need.

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Of course, trusting Edilman proves to be a bit disasterous as his plans are bigger than just helping the pair find what they need. Soon, they are running for their lives, no longer with any help and still quite the list to gather to save their town. Will Jaxter and Callie be able to save the town before it burns to the ground?