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It has been confused with the twining marks of Obsidian Worms , a parasitic species found in swamps, and this similarity was exploited by the spellslinger Dexan Videris for profit. There are many levels — ethereal planes — of shadow , and different people's markings come from different ones.

Those with similar shadows can communicate telepathically by touching skin to another's marks, sharing thoughts and memories.

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But it is very rare to find another Shadowblack similar enough for this. There are various kinds of Shadowblack-wielders as explained at the end of book 4.

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By working together, those with different abilities can find roads across continents, or see into the past. The 8 forms are—. A rare form that can shape physical objects from their shadow by force of will.

The Abbot is one such. One of the rarer forms, people with Kellen's form of the Shadowblack are able to see into the complex and the hidden, and unlock truths that others would not find.

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By asking the right questions, they unlock what might be. In a way, this is what Kellen does all of the time. When his Shadowblack is active, the world appears to Kellen as covered in crawling, ashy words, explaining the secrets of whatever they appear on. Shadowblack originates from planes without real space or time, so Alacratists like Suta'rei can see the shadows of people and places past, present, or far distant, and project what they see.

Azir and his like are able to shape roads, or bridges, through shadow to anywhere in the world.


The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay (Books 1-3 in the Series)

His ability is often paired with Butelios' or that of another member of the group, to give direction to his path. For shadow is complex and twisting, and it takes great care not to become lost or ensnared in its folds. One of the more common kinds of Shadowblacks, Praemandors can control the black ribbons of their shadows and are powerful and effective fighters. Tournam is the first of these seen in the books. More Yarn!

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