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Most certainly we have no quarrel with those who insist that all gospel preaching for all the days of the year should have as its heart and basis the truth of the suffering, crucified, and raised Redeemer. Nor do we have any criticism of those following the custom of preaching on the passion and death of the Saviour during the annual Lenten season.

It has been a custom in our churches of which we hope our people shall never tire. In the next few meditations we shall try to dwell on the general theme of: The Suffering Prophet Fulfilling His Scriptures. And in this first of the series we call attention to this suffering Prophet fulfilling the Scripture: In Choosing His Betrayer.

The Servant of Jehovah: The Sufferings of the Messiah and the Glory that Should Follow

Notice, first of all, the betrayer who is chosen! Judas Iscariot he is called! Literally his name means: Judas, the man of Cariot. Cariot comes from Kerioth, a town in southern Judah. Accordingly, Judas is from the tribe and province of Judah. As far as we know he was the only one of the apostles who came from this region. All the rest came from Galilee in the north. That the Scripture calls him Judas Iscariot is most probably to distinguish him from another of the apostles also called Judas, namely the brother of James.

Judas was a Jewish nationalist, that is, one who believed in the future earthly glory of the State of Israel. He envisioned the time when his nation, now in bondage to Rome, as it had often in its history been in bondage to other nations, would break off these shackles. He believed that the time would come when Israel would rule the world in a golden age, a glorious state which would far surpass the glory of David and Solomon. Judas was also one of the twelve! He had followed Jesus for three long years, being instructed of Him, and an eye-witness to all His wonderful works.

And he was not the least among the disciples. He was a man of energy, ambition, and ability, especially in mundane, material matters. Evidently he was a man of foresight, and a man who had ability to get things done. It was most likely for this reason that he was entrusted with the treasury of the disciple group.

The Servant of Jehovah: The Sufferings of the Messiah and the Glory That Should Follow

Obviously the other disciples had confidence in his ability and integrity, never suspecting that actually he was a thief. Apart now from the fact that he was chosen to be an apostle, it is important to consider the question how he ever consented to be Jesus' disciple.

Evidently, he, too, had sacrificed all to follow Jesus. He must have set aside his family and friends. He must have left his earthly vocation and his possessions. The answer is not far to seek. As was said, he was a nationalist, looking for the future glory of his nation, but particularly for his. Evidently he conceived of Jesus as the hope of Israel and the ,promised Messiah Who would raise up an earthly kingdom and Who would be pleased to have Judas serve as His Secretary of State or of the Treasury.

the sufferings of the Messiah and the glory that should follow ; an exposition of Isaiah LIII /

And when Jesus at the beginning of His Galilean ministry appeared to be so popular, Judas became most encouraged in his hopes. What a wonderful kingdom was this Man capable of establishing! Manifestly in this kingdom there would be no suffering or want, no cripples, not even death. Verily, this was the Man all the world would seek after! And as Judas followed Jesus and considered his relation to Him, his own glorious opinion of himself and his position in the Messianic kingdom grew brighter by the day.

The Triumph of the Suffering Servant (Isaiah —) |

The impression must not be left here, however, that Judas was the only one of the followers of Christ who had this earthly conception of the promised Messianic kingdom. Fact of the matter is that they all held this view more or less, and retained it until after His death and resurrection. Do we not hear the Emmaus travelers exclaim on the afternoon of the resurrection day: "But we trusted that it had been he which should have redeemed Israel?

The first part of the book contrasts the ancient and modern Jewish interpretations, while the second is a verse-by-verse exegesis of The concluding appendix, "The Suffering Messiah of the Synagogue," cites passages from the Targum of Jonathan, the Talmud, and the Midrashim that address Isaiah All Rights Reserved. Contact Us Email Webmaster. For Web sites to display properly, always use the latest version of your browser.

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