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She is good. She knows stuff she cant possibly know and conveys it with a calmness and wisdom that reassures you. You leave happy and later that day you retell what the Tarot reader told you and impress your friends with how insightful she was. The Tarot reader was me.

I used to believe in all sorts. Witchcraft, Tarot cards, karma, the lot. I was a tatted up member of the New Age with very strong beliefs that I classed, officially and wholeheartedly, as my religion.

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I marked solstices and cleansed my house with sage and finger cymbals. I gave home-made herb laden bath infusions as gifts and smugly felt safe in the knowledge that my invisible friends were superior. They were there first. They were the Originals and The Best. But then I grew up.

I read some more books and realised it was all utter nonsense. All of it. Every single religion, including my own. This wasn't a blinding Epiphany. While all this early Twenties self absorbed self-revelation and introspection was going on I did two things that set me on the path to be a fortune telling con-artist. Number one; I visited a spiritualist church. My sister had been a few weeks before and had said how awesome it was. I was somewhat sceptical, but willing to give it a go. So I went along and sat in a dreary little strip lit hall that smelt of soggy carpet and tea and awaited wonders.

And lo and behold a message came through for me. From my paternal grandmother, who was, wonders never cease, the very person I had hoped to reach. She had messages about what decorations I should chose as I was in the process of updating my home, wishes of love and well being and memories from child hood.

I wept. And when the service was over I was so moved and so grateful that I went up to the medium and hugged her. I told people how surprised I had been and how impressed.

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Which was all well and good, for about two weeks. After a second visit, with a different and actually a rather rude medium, and after all the initial novelty and emotion had worn off I began to rethink things.

The Money Tarot Book : Rohit Arya :

And as for the physical description that got me hooked ion the first place…. Number two; I read two very brilliant books. I highly recommend you read these books. Maybe not right now, finish reading this first, then go read them. And I started to wonder…could I trick people?

Could I use hot and cold reading techniques? Could I make people believe nonsense with the right blend of words, body language and stage dressing? There was only one way to find out. I dusted off my old tarot cards that had previously only been used for intensely earnest readings for close friends, where the meanings of the cards were simply looked up, line by line in a hand book. I knew this wouldn't be good enough, so I learned what all the meanings were off by heart, making crib sheets and testing myself.

I practised filler lines and Barnum statements and went to the pub…. When the opportunity came up for stall holders at the charity fete I asked the landlord if I could have a spot, and explained what I intended to do with it. He laughed and looked at me ruefully. I wouldn't be paying the fee if I didn't think so.

My sister had her doubts as well. To sit there and take money from people knowing its a load of tosh? She was wrong, my brass neck was sturdy and guilt free at that point, but she had raised an issue I had already considered. I had already decided that I would not, under any circumstance, claim to be able to contact the dead. This is book makes it very easy and simplified that anyone can learn with this method.

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This tarot book explains everything and as long as you follow the directions in the book exactly, you can learn the exact tarot reading process within a couple of days. As described in the Ultimate Tarot Beginners Guide the most given advice to beginners is to learn the tarot by pulling a daily card. This book applies this advice also to learning new spreads by providing a tarot spread for every day of the year. Every spread in the book connects to a historical or magical event that happened on that day and is accompanied by detailed information and sample questions to focus on.

With Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day you will have a great journey to realize enlightenment every day of the year. These spreads are organized by how many cards they require. Power Tarot, while not going as in-depth into the history of the cards as I would have preferred which is great for beginners , does a very clear and concise summary of the use and origin of the tool. There is also a good long explanation, not only of each card but how the cards can interact with each other. In addition, the authors also included empowerment meanings for each card.

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  • This is very helpful when you want to explain the usage of the cards in spells and incantations. No tarot book list is complete without the classic Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom Often cited as one of the landmark books in modern tarot, it will help you develop a relationship with your cards and your own spiritual side. This book draws on history, mythology, and philosophy, and delves deeply into the symbolism and meaning of each card.

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    In addition, it introduces common and practical spreads. As such, it is a clear and readable book. Deep and rich with information for both the beginning and advanced tarot student.

    Money Tarot

    Rachel is not only a member of the American Tarot Association , the International Tarot Society, and the Tarot Guild of Australia but also has taught at the famous Omega Institute for the past 15 years. It is truly a level-up in reading tarot that teaches you how to become an advanced practitioner. This book emphasizes the influences of astrology and shares how-to instructions for working with reversals, number symbolism, intuition, the four elements, and the philosophical roots of tarot.

    A perfect follow up to take your readings to the next level and to deepen your advanced tarot knowledge. There is a good balance in this book between historicity, research, and personal opinion that is appealing and readable, and I know in time, I will go back and reread the chapters on the astrological influence at times when I need a refreshment.

    Money and Abundance Tarot Card Spread

    This book reveals the advanced spread techniques and trade secrets used by the top psychics, tarot readers and mediums in this world on a daily basis. I really improved my accuracy and strengtheneth my intuition and reads by practicing the exercises and playing the games detailed in this book. When you want to take your readings to the next level and be different than others, this is the book is the training you need to become a truly proficient tarot reader. Warning: a strong foundation and trust with your tarot deck are needed before you work on the secrets in this book.

    This is also a great book to consider after you finished some of the beginner tarot books. The techniques described in 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card will help you to build your confidence to read on your own without the aid of a manual or a guide. This will result in a more present reading in which you are more open to the messages flowing through the cards. By mastering the 21 different methods, you will make progress to move from a beginner to an intermediate tarot reader.

    This book leaves out nothing. It covers beginners topics like picking out your deck and card meanings, as well as intermediate and advanced subjects, like how to use the tarot for improving relationships, professional development, and personal resilience. Advanced readers will also enjoy the nuanced theoretical discussions of the tarot.

    The book will teach you to tune with your inner self by reflecting on card imagery, meanings, and associations. You will return to it over and over again! The science of astrology is a very important system to incorporate with your tarot readings, as it links intrinsically with tarot for six centuries. In this user-friendly book, Kenner makes it easy to explore and learn from this fascinating intersection, even if you have no astrology knowledge at all.