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Nah that's not me Can't be a wasteman, that's not me Living at mumsies', that's not me Them man are clumsy, that's not me Nah nah that's not me In need of a handout, that's not me I'm not holding my handout, that's not me That's a dickhead ting, nah that's not me Talk to the boydem, that's not me Informant, that's not me Spill the beans, nah that's not me Wear skinny jeans, nah that's not me Having a bubble, that's not me What, you thought it was Double?

That's not me Them man are stylin, that's not me Them man are swaggin, that's not me Thought I was him, thought I was him Look quite similar, thought I was him That guy there had a box like man Dem man truly thought I was him Girls wanna go out to a rave Take a picture and get likes, who thought I was him?

None of them operations that I had Held me back but you thought I was him Didn't have a box on my head Didn't have a box on my head 'til the year 06 Guys tried it with me I don't know why 'Til I start dishing out chops and kicks in your house Start throwing them rocks and bricks Make man take off their socks and kicks Better know that's not me It's an act up, get jaw boxed off clean Nah, that's not me Act like a wasteman? That's not me Sex any girl?

That’s Not Me

The ideas of love, sex, and marriage were fairly complicated in Winterfell this week. The doomed Stark patriarch tells his daughter that one day she will be a lady and marry.

And she replies:. We heard these words again in Season 7 when Arya encountered her direwolf Nymeria. At the start of the year I wrote we should believe the hype about Wan-Bissaka and he proved it on his MUFC debut yesterday: quick, brilliant positioning, great feet and almost impossible to beat.

Gary Neville retired in Winger Antonio Valencia was converted into a right-back with some success following Neville's departure, but it became a problem position for United in recent years after the Ecuadorian began to decline with age. Wan-Bissaka's arrival looks set to have addressed that issue. At 21, he's already among the best players in his position in the league, and he could be a mainstay at Old Trafford for the next decade. United travel to Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday. In three meetings with Wolves last season, they lost twice and drew the other.