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You are responsible for the security of your Account and the reliability of your connection data. Motion Twin disclaims all liability in the event of access to an Account by a third person including when the identification on our Service is carried out via a third party service, as for example Google or Facebook. You are the only one responsible for the activities undertaken through your Account. The User can choose a password when registering to the Service, or at a later date.

It is strictly confidential and should never be communicated to a third party. Motion Twin can put in place automated procedures allowing the User to retrieve or change a password. To retrieve a forgotten password, the User must have indicated in advance a means, among those proposed by the Service, to transmit information in a confidential manner indicating an e-mail address for example. The User is solely responsible for any information sent by this means. If no means of password recovery has been specified beforehand by the User, the password will not be transmitted.

Minors may not open an Account or use the Service unless assisted by a legal guardian, and under the full responsibility of the latter.

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Motion Twin insists on the fact that it is prohibited to disseminate content not suitable for minors when the latter is likely to be seen by a minor. Any games not suitable for minors will be duly reported upon registration to the Service, and it is up to you not to allow access to these games to minors. If the Service is not used by the User for a period exceeding 12 consecutive months, Motion Twin can proceed to the automatic closure of the unused Account.

The User can also proceed to the closure of his or her Account - the procedure is accessible from his or her personal space of the Service. Except as otherwise provided for in this contract or upon explicit agreement from Motion Twin, there are no refunds in the event of suspension or closure of the Account by the User or by Motion Twin. However, some bonuses, options, accesses and other services may be chargeable.

The User who wishes to have access to these services will therefore make a payment to Motion Twin. Various means of payment are available to the User. The price and the elements obtained may vary depending on the chosen means of payment.

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

This information is shown to the User in the payment section. When you have chosen a means of payment, you must be authorised to use this means of payment and you must agree to provide information that is valid, accurate, and up-to-date. If you discontinue the use of the Service or if you close your Account, this has no impact on the amounts already billed and no refunds will be made. If Motion Twin detects a fraudulent payment from your Account, your Account will be permanently suspended. Motion Twin or its payment service providers can restrict access to certain means of payment as a precautionary measure, following a suspicious use of attempted fraud.

You will have the opportunity to check the details of your purchase and the total price, and to correct any errors, before to confirming payment. Some costs are not dependent on Motion Twin or its payment service providers. These costs can be related to telecommunication operator services and currency exchange, for example. Motion Twin warns where possible when additional charges may be added to the final price. We can occasionally change the Service rate and you will be notified via a global communication on the Service. All pricing and offers proposed by Motion Twin are valid for the duration of their implementation online.

If your offer of Service is subject to a rate and a specific duration of time, and we modify the rate of the Service, the original rate remains in force for the entire duration specified. You have a period of fourteen days to exercise your right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or pay any penalties. This period runs from the acceptance of the offer for the provision of services, in accordance with article L of the consumer code.

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When this right is exercised, all sums paid will be refunded within a maximum period of thirty days. Motion Twin draws the attention of the User to the fact that, by virtue of article L of the consumer code, no withdrawal period will be granted if, with his or her agreement, the execution of the Service started prior to the expiry of the period of fourteen days.

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  8. The requests must contain the coordinates of the plaintiff, the object and the date of payment, the means of payment used, the Service and the username of the User Account in question, as well as a proof of payment invoice or receipt for example if the latter was not paid by credit card or PayPal. Incomplete applications, or those that fall outside the deadline, shall not give rise to any refunds. The minor who uses the Service shall make all payments in the presence and with the explicit agreement of his or her legal guardian. During the beta-test phase, the User is prompted to perform volunteer feedback on the Service in order to assist in the completion of the Service before its full implementation online.

    He or she undertakes not to disclose any of the content of the Service during this period and he or she accepts that the Service is subject to modifications and interruptions given the context of experimentation. Editing can take place in areas accessible to all, for example - the forum of a game, or the public details of the User , or in areas for which you can control third party access for example - private messaging or a player group.

    You acknowledge and agree that Motion Twin does not control nor assume responsibility for the content that you and third parties put online. You grant to Motion Twin, global, gratis, non-exclusive, and for the duration of your rights, the authorisation:. If you submit a photograph or another digital image, you explicitly waive the rights of privacy and publicity relating to the image, and allow Motion Twin to the broadcast it on the Service.

    You are requested to respect the rights of artists, inventors, and creators. All content such as music, photos and videos may be protected by copyright law. If you share the content on the Service in a manner that infringes the rights of copyright, intellectual property rights, or the privacy of third parties, you are in breach of this contract. You represent and guarantee that you own all the rights necessary to grant the authorisations mentioned in this article and that the use of this content does not violate any law. We may refuse to publish your content for whatever reason.

    We may at any time withdraw your content from the Service if you breach this Agreement or if we cancel or suspend the Service.

    Blanche Neige et les 7 Nains - 1 Conte + 4 comptines et chansons - dessins animés en français

    Motion Twin reserves the right to change the Account names, nicknames, the names of characters, and the names of user groups not complying with the rules set forth in the article of Service Use article 2. Motion Twin may also temporarily or permanently suspend Account access or user groups without notice or compensation.

    Taking into account the general interest attached to the suppression of illegal activities, Motion Twin has put in place provisions accessible at the following address: contact motion-twin. This allows the Users to report to the communication services and any serious wrongdoing will be passed on to the competent public authorities in the matter.

    Vous allez appuyer sur le bouton Reset madame. Cliente : Mais j'ai pas Reset non plus, je n'ai plus rien du tout je vous dis! Technicien : Mais madame Soupir Technicien : Madame! Le bouton Reset se trouve sur votre tour! Cliente : Ah!

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    Technicien : Mais non madame!! Vous appuyez sur le bouton Reset!! Cliente : Mais je ne le trouve pas. Cliente Client : Mon modem ne fonctionne pas. Technicien : :????????? Client : En effet, mais il n'y a aucun driver pour l'OS X Client : Alors, vous constatez comme moi qu'il n'y en a que pour l'OS X lettre de l'alphabet. Client : Ah! Par terre. Il s'endort en se disant que sa femme n'a rien entendu.

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    Le flic lui dit: - T'as une amende, mais je te donne une chance. Qu'est ce qui a un volant et quatre roues? Qu'est ce qui a un guidon et deux roues?

    Bon, t'as 50 euros d'amende. Le gamin dit au flic: - Et moi, je peux te poser une devinette? Dix quoi?

    Lesotho : Votre prochaine voiture se trouve ici

    Il lui tend les bras et il dit: - Je suis vraiment content de te voir Theresa. Copyright Carambar : Pourquoi un Suisse Allemand ne fait jamais la vaiselle??? Reponse : Parce qu'il essuie salement.. L'Italien : Tue l'amant tue sa femme prend sa Ferrari rouge et va manger une pizza. Le Chinois : Accepte la situation. Le Suisse : Il pardonne sa femme Une blonde est en vacances en Louisiane. Et elle quitte le magasin. Seulement au Canada Que les gens commandent un double cheeseburger, des gros frites et un Coke Diet. Que les banques laissent les portes ouvertes et enchainent le stylo au comptoir. Que nous utilisons des afficheurs pour filtrer les appels et utilisons l'appel en attente pour ne pas rater l'appel que nous ne voulions pas avoir.

    Nous avons des distributeurs automatiques "service au volant" avec des inscriptions en Braille. Le mariage, c'est le triomphe de l'imagination sur l'intelligence. Commander une pizza en : Standardiste : Speed-Pizza, bonjour. Client : Bonjour, je souhaite passer une commande.