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Giving a unique, intimate and personal perspective on some of the most influential men of the twentieth century, as well as some characters hitherto unknown, Eileen writes about Winston Churchill, Rex Harrison, Dylan Thomas, members of NASA, musicians at Glyndebourne, actors, caterers, soldiers, politicians, and even Idi Amin!

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  • 50 per cent of women in relationships have a back-up partner in mind. Dear men, please note;

This book is an extraordinary testament to a woman with an unbeatable appetite for life and — of course — to the men she has known. To order, use the links below the cover.

Also available on Kindle. After serving and defending her country she had a successful career in the hotel management and catering industries. Sometimes utterly hilarious.

I couldn't put this book down. A triumph. Music music music. Girls girls girls. Brilliant — funny, painful, reflective and raw.

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