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And more. And now that the shock of seeing him was settling down, anger began seeping into its place. Otherwise, it would be best if you just left. He rubbed the side of his face, using his left hand. No wedding ring, she noticed. Just really not interested in seeing you. Or talking to you.

Or even breathing the same air as you. Now, you just need to walk out that door and let me go on pretending I never met you.

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But you left town mighty fast. Less than twenty-four hours after she crashed on that second barrel, her father had shown up in Casper, Wyoming and had whisked her home. But she hardened her heart.

Marry Me, Cowboy

Would that be for sleeping with me even though you were married? His gaze dropped to the counter and he swallowed hard. All too true. Would one of you please come in and buy some chocolate? Save me from having to say anything more to this guy?

Marry Me, Cowboy

She preferred dark. Made from scratch in-house. I buy the beans myself, directly from Venezuela. But if you want to put it back, go right ahead. As she handed him the bag, she noticed him checking out her fingers. Oh my God, was he looking to see if she was married, too?

Marry Me, Cowboy

What about this Savannah girl? The man was incorrigible. And lucky. He gave her a wink and another one of his killer smiles.

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What happens when the rodeo ends and he leaves town? Will she dare to dream again? According to Porter, she launched The Tule Group and Montana Born Books because, she "wanted to give authors a platform that will lift them and support them.

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Writers are the talent in this business and they need to be validated, appreciated and rewarded. Tule gives authors the freedom to go for it, trusting their instincts, allowing them to write what they want to write. The authors we've brought on are tremendously talented and have unique voices and deserve the chance to shine.

And with Tule's support, they will.

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I want to see our authors succeed far beyond their wildest dreams. Upcoming projects from The Tule Group include a Christmas series as well as a few single title releases in early Spring will bring a new Montana Born Books -connected series. For more information about Montana Born Books, please visit montanabornbooks. For information about The Tule Group, please visit thetulegroup. The Tule Group was founded by bestselling author Jane Porter.

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Since its inception in early , The Tule Group has brought on established authors who have a strong voice and write stories readers love to read. Tule's mission is to publish books that will delight readers while satisfying the writer's desire for creativity, freedom and commercial success. The Tule Group launched its first imprint, Montana Born, in September , and is looking forward to releasing a second imprint in Summer Jane Porter has been a finalist for the prestigious RITA award four times and has over 12 million copies in print.

She also teaches creative writing classes both online at mediabistro. They all hope to move to Montana.