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In Circus history, it's not only the human performers who are remembered. Certain animal acts are also remebered in the fondest of terms. In the case of Indian elephants, Romeo and Juliet, both are remembered, but only one of them is remembered fondly. He also had a nasty habit of killing his keepers. By the time he died, in the summer of , Romeo was responsible for the deaths of five people, and at least 25 horses. By contrast, Juliet, was a gentle giant.

A charming animal, who was loved by her trainers, and people all over the country. Originally from the area that is now known as Sri-Lanka, Juliet came to America in , to work in P. They also use false advertisements, online auctions, classified advertising websites, and fictitious real estate advertisements to perpetrate fraud.

Cybercrime incidents have become increasingly professional; the grammar and spelling in phishing attempts and fraudulent e-mails are of a higher standard, and the layout and design are of a better quality. This makes it increasingly difficult for users to distinguish between genuine content and fake content. Transportation-Safety Situation. Road Safety and Road Conditions. Switzerland offers a well-maintained network of roads. Switzerland has four official languages; travelers should be prepared for the signage to change languages throughout the country.

Swiss highways are toll roads; drivers must purchase a vignette sticker for 40 Swiss Francs , which is affixed to the inside of the windshield, to use the highway system. Vignettes are available for purchase at gas stations, post offices, or any manned vehicle border crossing. The minimum driving age is Drivers must keep headlights on at all times. Vehicles must carry third-party liability insurance. All occupants must wear safety belts. Trams, police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, and buses always have the right of way, and pedestrians have the right-of-way at striped crosswalks.

Local police have the right to perform on-the-spot breathalyzer tests; the BAC limit is. Police will charge drivers with a BAC between. Comply with imposed safety restrictions e. The maximum speed limit if not posted is:. Due to limited resources, police prioritize their response to incidents that involve injuries.

As a training tool, visitors can test their knowledge of Swiss regulations for drivers and cyclists online.

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Public Transportation Conditions. Public transportation in Geneva and throughout Switzerland is safe and reliable. Security measures are on par with U. There is moderate risk from terrorism in Geneva. Extremists have traditionally viewed Switzerland as a place for planning, funding, and logistical support for terrorist operations, but not as a target for attack. Recent threats through Europe, however, have highlighted a new paradigm of terrorist planning and attack execution.

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The Schengen agreement allows free movement between member countries, which makes tracking cross-border movements of potential terrorists more difficult. In , Swiss authorities arrested at least five individuals for terrorism or related offenses, according to media reports. In , the Swiss Federal Council adopted a counter-terrorism strategy with the main objectives of preventing attacks in Switzerland, preventing the export of terrorism from Switzerland, and preventing Switzerland from use as a breeding ground for terrorism.

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The NAP expands police authorities and implements new measures to investigate those suspected of extremist activities. The Swiss Federal Intelligence Service annual security report is also available. Switzerland also has active environmental and animal-extremist organizations that seek to disrupt business operations, sometimes violently, causing property damage to Swiss-based firms.

While there is no widespread anti-U. Political, Economic, Religious, and Ethnic Violence. There is a minimal risk of civil unrest in Geneva. Geneva regularly experiences demonstrations, occasionally sparked by U. Demonstrations are usually peaceful, but protestors will occasionally block traffic, spray graffiti, and burn effigies. Police must approve all demonstrations; they deploy tear gas and water cannon to maintain order, if necessary. The last major protest that resulted in major property damage was in The majority of demonstrations take place at the Place de Nations in front of the United Nations, less than one kilometer 0.

Other common locations for demonstrations include:. A civil trial in Cleveland in rejected the claim of Sam Reese Sheppard that his father was innocent.

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Sam Sheppard, an osteopathic surgeon, was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, Marilyn, and was sentenced to life in prison. Sheppard spent 10 years in prison before the Supreme Court overturned the verdict; he was acquitted at retrial in and died four years later. High in Berkeley, Ca. She was allegedly kidnapped by Burton Abbott, a married accounting student at Cal.

Abbott was convicted and executed at San Quentin in just minutes before Gov. Knight called for a stay. Burton W. Grenvilles," based on the Woodward murder case. The book was turned into a television movie in In April, , two people foraging for mushrooms found her remains. In prosecutors in Sycamore charged Jack Daniel McCullough 71 , a former police officer, in the abduction of Ridulph after an ex-girlfriend's discovery of an unused train ticket blew a hole in his alibi.

At the time, McCullough's name was John Tessier.

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On Sep 14, , McCullough was convicted of the murder. On Dec 9 McCullough was sentenced to life in prison. Hickok and Smith reportedly fled to Florida. Investigators later linked them to the Dec 18, , murders of Cliff Walker, his wife and two children.

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Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, the killers of a family in Kansas on Nov 15, were later linked to the murder of the Walker family. On April 21 police found Garza's body face down in a McAllen canal, along with a candelabra from Sacred Heart and a Kodak slide photograph viewer that police said belongs to priest John Feit. In former priest John Feit 83 pleaded guilty to her murder. Rideau stabbed to death Julia Ferguson on a rural Louisiana road following the bank robbery.

He confessed and was sentenced to death 3 times. Rideau escaped death in the s when the death penalty was outlawed.

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In his case was still in court. While in prison Rideau became a self-educated writer and elevated the prison magazine, the Angolite, to national acclaim. In Rideau was set free for time served after a racially mixed jury found him guilty of manslaughter. Officer Karl Hettinger managed to escape.

Smith served 19 years for his role in the case before he was paroled. The novel was turned into a film in The pair were caught in Oct, In there was evidence that she was not killed by Albert DeSalvo d. Winston Mosely was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

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Their car was found burning late in the day. Forty days later their bodies were found buried in an earthen dam near Philadelphia, Miss. Eight Klansman went to prison on federal conspiracy charges but none served more than 6 years, and murder charges were never filed. The event inspired the film Mississippi Burning.

Smith and Robert E. He made a videotape in prison and admitted to the killings. He was serving consecutive sentences of 50 to years and died of a heart attack in at age The video shows him having sex and snorting cocaine in prison. His mother and wife were the first victims before he climbed to the tower at the Univ.