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China in Ten Words, By Yu Hua | The Independent

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    Lies in waiting? The world awaits. Technique 1: Verbs If I could write a story that used action, then that would be a good vehicle for plot. After all, the majority of stories have to have something going on in them!

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    So I knew that I had to use verbs, and most often they need subjects. The other thing I knew I could bank on was a familiar activity.

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    If readers can take the limited cues you give them and recreate a scene in their head, then half the work is already done. So, when someone calls you, there is an issue at hand to be resolved. Readers wonder, what was said during the call.

    get link Technique 2: Vignettes I tried to go more visceral in my second attempt. So, ambiguity and mystery helped me here as well to create suspense and curiosity in the reader. Hysteria is an emotion, a very powerful one, that I think baffles many people. I decided to have another go. I always try to choose what I think is the best for the team. Unai Emery issued a defiant response when asked about the possibility of being replaced by Jose Mourinho.

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    A loss against Leicester at the weekend could reportedly see Arsenal accelerate plans to bring in Mourinho. Jose Mourinho reportedly rejected Ed Woodward's proposal to bring in a midfielder and centre-back in Reports have suggested Unai Emery is losing the Arsenal dressing room.

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    There's usually no going back