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All rights reserved. Remember me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password? Aufl View all editions and formats. Avatar Motion picture : Imaginary places. Similar Items. Print version: Mathison, Dirk. Same thing with an independent published guide giving backstory to the creatures, plants, technology, and Na'vi. Also an online encyclopedia. There is an actual manual on the Na'vi in the movie, courtesy of Dr. However, the first two pairs of legs are identically shaped, and move in unison, meaning that despite having six legs the creatures all walk with a quadruped-like gait.

Which realistically, would cause them to trip over their own legs when running. And here's an interesting guide on how hexapods might believably walk, showing the movements of each pair of limbs to avoid them all colliding with each other while moving.

The Na'vi are said to be related to the Prolemuris, which is stated to be a link between the four-limbed Na'vi and the rest of the six-limbed wildlife. However, the Prolemuris has two pairs of arms that are partly fused at the elbow joint, which along with being an unlikely course of evolution, would also compromise the functionality of said limbs. A more realistic option would be the Prolemuris having two sets of arms, but one pair much smaller and greatly reduced, which in turn whoul be completely lost in the Na'vi.

Alternatively, it could be suggested that the Na'vi and Prolemuris common ancestor did lose one pair of limbs, and the Prolemuris, independent of the Na'vi, re-evolved four arms by splitting the main pair of forelimbs. Bond Creatures : The Na'vi have a rite of passage where they must sneak into the aviaries of the banshee and bond with one of them. They can do something similar with the direhorse, but with multiple people, as they do not bond with a person for life like with the banshee.

Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit" : One of the more frequently-seen Pandoran animals has four eyes, six legs, hairless blue skin, a snout like an anteater, and nostrils in its chest. They call it a direhorse. Fair enough, it is kind of like a horse, and it acts an awful lot like a horse, but still No one else looked at those horses and thought Odin's eight-legged steed, Sleipnir? The name "Direhorse" was given by humans to the creatures known by the Na'vi as Pa'li — much in the way the Ikran were given the name "Banshees" and the Toruk was given the name "Great Leonopteryx".

Humans aren't very original with names for alien creatures in THIS universe, it seems. Conlang : The Na'vi language.

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Death World : Pandora, pretty much every variety all at once. Deus ex Machina : The Na'vi are starting to get hammered by the forces of humanity, when suddenly a herd of titanotheres and banshees come out of nowhere and rush the humans, destroying almost all of them. The implied explanation is that Jake's pre-battle talk with Eywa made an impression, considering if they lost, the sky people would destroy everything living in the name of expansion. Expansion Pack World : There are other moons around Polyphemus. Possibly with life on them. Cameron has announced that after the Avatar sequels, which will be focused on Pandora, there may be others exploring other moons and planets in the Alpha Centauri system — including planets orbiting Alpha Centauri B.

Fantastic Fauna Counterpart : Pandora's wildlife has a number of species that have a clear counterpart on Earth. The Na'vi are humans, of course, but the thanator is essentially a panther, the titanothere is a rhinoceros, the prolemuris are monkeys, the direhorses are horses, the viperwolves are wolves or jackals, etc.

Fertile Feet : Reconstructed. Nothing grows as a result of Na'vi passage, but any plants or ground coverings they interact with react with bioluminescence. Mainly just for Rule of Cool and Scenery Porn. Floating Continent : In fact, this is the reason why humans are there. There's also the Hallelujah Mountains. Justified as Superconductors , like the Unobtainium in the Hallelujah Mountians do float in magnetic fields such as the flux vortex.

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Genius Loci : The entire moon, shown both when the animals suddenly gain enough intelligence and work together to massacre the Marine strike force, and in Jake's memory transfer. Giant Flyer : Pandora is full of these. Even an ikran is HUGE compared to a human. Glowing Flora : The alien jungles of Pandora contain an enormous variety of bioluminescent plants, with almost every form of plant life giving off some blue or purple glow. Gondor Calls for Aid : You may think Jake appealing to Eywa for help against the humans' final assault to be cheesy or perhaps Narm.

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And then you see the Na'vi getting their asses handed to them. And then you see every animal and its mother ripping the assault force a new one. Good planning indeed. A more traditional version of the trope is the "Toruk Makto unites the clans" montage.

James Cameron and Avatar stars unveil new Pandora land

Handy Feet : Na'vi have them, at least those who are not serving as avatars to humans anyway. Heli-Critter : The fan lizard. Hive Queen : Eywa, an overmind-like, super-intelligent being made of alien trees, which is linked to most advanced life forms on Pandora and has a form of internet i.

Horse of a Different Color : It's blue. And has six legs. This is also how Pandora's jungles are initially depicted when Jake finds himself stranded in them during one of his first few nights on the moon. Immune to Bullets : The Hammerhead Titanotheres. Claimed to be so by Dr.

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Grace Augustine and how! Despite not being fully armored all-over these beasties can withstand explosive, armor-piercing and incendiary 30mm GAU rounds without a hitch. Shooting thanators isn't very productive either, not because they're armored, but because they get seriously annoyed by it and take your gun away from you. Intelligent Forest : The Ewya of Pandora is described as a vast network of fibre optic like branches and roots.

Na'vi are able to hook themselves into this network and upload or download information. The Lifestream : Kinda played with. Eywa acts as this, kinda. It doesn't happen automatically, they Brain Upload just before they die. While humans are stronger on Pandora than Earth thanks to decreased gravity, they are still weaker than native animals both proportionally and totally.

The Colonel mentions the need for constant exercise to prevent muscle atrophy. Meaningful Name : Before she opened the box, Pandora was created to be the perfect woman, and her name literally means "All-Gifted". It's very appropriate in this case. Then there's the Toruk, which in Na'vi means " Last Shadow ". Negative Space Wedgie : The "flux vortex" of the moon's strong magnetic field makes a lot of instruments, such as mapping and targeting systems, completely useless. Things like thermal scans, communications, and motion sensors still work, though they get statics. No Biochemical Barriers : Averted and done straight. The air is unbreathable to humans thanks to its concentration of CO 2 and H 2 S, causing a coma in a matter of seconds, and death in minutes. Pandoran plants are loaded to the brim with toxins, as far as humans are concerned. However the namesake Avatars are created by the improbable working combination of human and Na'vi DNA.

Which is another can of worms in itself, because the Na'vi, according to Pandorapedia, do not have DNA. Ominous Fog : The otherwise scenery pornographic Pandora gets this trait once Hometree is destroyed , since the ashes contribute to the fog.

How Na'vi Communicate With All Life on Pandora Explained - James Cameron's Avatar

One-Product Planet : Pandora may appear to be this as it is valued for its Unobtainium, but the background mentions genetic development from plants on Pandora. Also, one of the few examples of this trope that uses Slower-Than-Light travel. Every Ikran chooses its own master, and only then if the one they choose can best them in combat and tame them. Worth special mention is Toruk Makto, who is said to be untameable by even the strongest of Na'vi.