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Sometimes, with everything we read, we can be hard pressed to hear a student speak that way about attending class. But he was full of hope and promise about what a good day it….

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In our school district, secondary schools have been invited to participate in the Learning Lab Project. The Learning Lab is designed as a learning laboratory where teachers are able to creatively innovate and explore new forms and structures for learning. Learning Labs are an opportunity to commit to being innovative in practice and to share….

Our district continues to push the boundaries in understanding how to engage the digital learner in more effective ways. We have not achieved success but acknowledge and appreciate that this is a on-going journey.

A tablet in every classroom?

The best work that anybody ever writes is the work that is on the verge of embarrassing him, always. I have parodied Superintendent Chris Kennedy on two previous occasions, taking his masterful Top Three List and brutalizing it a bit with my….

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  4. Teaching Innovation Is About More Than iPads in the Classroom.

The digital portfolio embraces the challenge of making learning visible and mirrors quality assessment where the learning and student choice, voice and ownership are central and core. How does one capture quality assessment evidence and produce an ongoing digital portfolio for every student? The point is not to regulate but to re-orientate what we…. If you change the way you teach, you change the way you assess, and if you change the way you assess, you change the way you teach.

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Tammy Hartmann, Principal, Ocean Cliff Elementary School Our district has been looking at and changing the way we communicate student learning for several years now. We recognized in….

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Guest Post: Thank you to Zale Darnel, and his colleagues, for contributing this guest post. To encourage collaborative and personalised learning, we also use the Microsoft Office suite for all staff and pupils. Classrooms are set up with interactive whiteboards and Apple TVs. There is also a creative space where pupils can get hands-on experience with 3D design, robotics and carving machines.

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The security of this network and the e-safety of our pupils and staff is also a top priority, and the necessary steps have been taken to ensure the highest standards are in place. Our IT team ensures that we have a fast, secure and monitored network and as an educational institution, we are committed to helping pupils navigate some of the negative aspects of the online world such as cyberbullying, plagiarism and invasion of privacy.

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They have selected apps and software to help them develop their productivity, organisation, reading and writing to help them be more independent in their learning. To ensure that St. Their work is focused on:.