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Afterwards they rush home, to avoid any potential run-ins with immigration authorities. She hopes that someday she might be able to call herself an American citizen. If Edith comes off as strong-headed, she says that her life has demanded it. Edith worked as a paramedic in Mexico, but she could barely make ends meet. I came here because this is a country of opportunity. Four months after Edith arrived and found work as a housekeeper for a local singer, she voyaged back to Veracruz, Mexico, to bring her three teenage children across the border.

Janet and her sister, both teenagers then, found work as housekeepers as well, but were getting harassed by men as they walked home from their jobs.

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It appeared that she and another girl had been being held there against their will and abused. Starting over, Edith threw herself into work in the fields. She also informally counsels other female farmworkers against relenting to the pressure of men soliciting sex in exchange for better working conditions.

Commonplace labor issues such as intimidation, refusal of collective bargaining rights, wage withholding or unpaid overtime work are also tremendous hurdles that they have few recourses to fight. She says that while still in elementary school, she quit attending five days a week so that she could work a few days a week and earn a little spending money. Her daughter sits quietly beside her, wide-eyed with her little feet barely dangling off the bench. By ninth grade, she dropped out of school completely and turned to farm work full time, but she does not speak about it with much regret.

She recounts her working experiences like a more privileged person might recount their travel adventures. Despite the harsh work conditions she endured in Mexico, she says fieldwork in the US is even more demanding because her wage is not paid hourly — ie consistent regardless of how hard she works — but rather by the box.

Here it is a lot harder. The Rio Grande Valley is famous for its winter citrus season, when small-town citrus festivals feature delicious local oranges and grapefruit. The physicality of orchard work is astonishingly difficult and dangerous. She leans a ladder slippery with dew and rain against a tree, where it catches — hopefully tightly — on the branches. Then she makes her way up the foot ladder, all the way to the top, to the last rung.

YELLOWDOG GRANNY: I've got the I can't believe it's fucking Monday blues..

Along the way, she is stretching to reach grapefruit, and tugging at them to get them to release and fall. The bag weighs anywhere between 60 to 80lb when full of fruit. Once, her foot slipped off the ladder step during a rainstorm, jerking her balance backwards and sending her to the ground, the bag landing on top of her. On her way down, she slammed the back of her head against the corner of a tractor trailer. She was also unaware of her legal rights in seeking compensation for her injury.

After her day in the orchard, she dotes on her three-year-old daughter, whose black hair she carefully combs back and secures with tiny barrettes. But I think I am going to leave this work. I fell again last week. I think I want to go to Mexico. Blanca first entered the US more than a decade ago by simply walking across one of the bridges that link Mexico to the Rio Grande Valley, she says, a bit nervously, since things are different now.

When she first came to the US, she found her work options frustrating. And when given the chance to finally have the freedom that their Scot' forefathers fought for, the survivors decided to stay as subjects to the British Crown. The lure of Socialism and perpetual care was just too great for them to resist.

Oh shit! I can't believe it's happening so fast! tomorrow! it's monday again!!!

No different than the Leninists that betrayed my family and all that they fought for in Russia. A Cossack I remain.

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Never again! Life Member. Michael, have you seen this? Followed the link to the Navy Arms Winchester - good Lord that color case-hardened rifle is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

PDF I can’t believe its Monday again

Just fantastic. Thanks for the post, these rifles are simply an amazing things to have for yourself. These firearms are supposed to be used for safety and security of one and all and not for hurting others. You people can also take help from the MA Gun License to know about guns and training in detail and with ease and along with all the legalities. Post a Comment. How do these things happen? At least yesterday I sucked it up and shot a cowboy match, my first match of any kind in almost 7 months.

We chose a 4-stage local cowboy match because I figured I could survive 4 stages without falling down and wailing like a clubbed baby harp seal. Plus, as I mentioned on FB, cowboy has less movement than any of the options.

viptarif.ru/wp-content/by/3455.php It was a perfect day for a match! Also a perfect day to see old friends I haven't seen in a year. Picking up the cowboy guns after a long period of ARs, semiauto pistols and shotguns was really really fun…I guess you can call them old friends, too. I did change rifles…when the Mirouku Winchesters came out a couple of years back, I ordered on immediately, because I wanted Winchester roll-marked "Winchester," even if it was made in Japan.

Nothing against the Ubertis…I've shot the crap out of them over a decade or so, and they are fine rifles. I told Ken not to completely "cowboy competition" it out, which was definitely the right decision. The Griner Winchester is smooth, smooth smooth and was a dream to shoot.

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Heck, a color-case hardened Winchester Short Rifle may well be in my future. Well, really I'd love to have a Mirouku Winchester in. Well, if it started raining money, I would go for one of my friend Val Forgett's Navy Arms Winchester factory customs — Turnbull color-case hardened, factory short-stroked, excellent wood, and a flat shotgun-styled buttplate. It is a damn nice rifle! Anyway, I had a wonderful match, hobbling to 12th place out of 32 shooters.

Luckily, one of the stages was "stand and shoot," and it gave me a chance to smoke.