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Throughout the course of the novel, Sally Jones works alongside various benevolent characters, such as Ana Molina, Senor Fidardo and Ayesha, who are all introduced gradually as the novel progresses.

Gorilla Black: A Novel

Readers are sure to enjoy the fact that this novel has a range of different themes and elements woven into its five hundred and eighty-eight pages: it offers mystery, adventure, action and heart-warming senses of companionship and determination. While this novel is quite fantastic, I did have a few issues with it: though it is a reasonably easy read despite its hefty page number, readers are sure to pick up on the fact that there are certain parts throughout the novel that seem to have no particular additions to the plot and just seem to act as a time-filler.

While this novel does incorporate some very interesting and engaging scenes, certain pages containing uninteresting, and ultimately redundant, dialogue and development seem to parry the rich sense of adventure and intrigue that Wegelius manages to convey throughout the novel. At the beginning of the book, readers are given a chapter index, and they will see that the novel sports eighty chapters over the course of a novel that is just short of six hundred pages. I found these breaks in the novel unnecessary and rather short.

Hotbed of monsters

I could not help but wonder if they were only there in order to draw younger readers away from the fact that this novel is rather hefty. All in all, this novel is a great read for middle-grade readers, and while I do think young adult readers may enjoy this novel, it definitely is marketed and written for younger audiences, and some more advanced readers may find its writing bland and uneventful.

However, this was a fantastic read and I will be sure to keep this book in the back of my mind when recommending novels to younger audiences. Delany, Major Jackson and more of the men featured in our pages tell us about their favorite works of literature by black female Americans. She managed to elevate the experiences of enslaved Africans and their descendants into a different kind of consideration; one in which these characters were given flesh, love and spirit, operating as actual human beings rather than creations of the white imagination.

And what a dilemma the book poses: Should you murder your own children to spare them the degradation, dehumanization, humiliation and violence of that which is antebellum slavery? Are you ready to bear the ghostly weight of that decision?

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The book is pure brilliance and a razor-sharp indictment of the country. It is a remarkable novel — a book that stands in conversation with all these iconic strands of American literature and yet is in no way defined by them. There is also this fierce, irrepressible dignity and all these complicated, fraught gestures of love and attempts at love that make it hard to let this book go.

http://jusenifuhu.cf I had never seen a poem take such possession of its ontological and epistemological self. I love how Hurston plays by her own rules on the page.