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Izumi, 30 percent Sugawara, 20 percent the manager and the rest absorbed from past colleagues. To Keiko, society is one mass, ever-changing and blurred at the edges; all babies are like stray cats, and all people just like cattle. A beguiling, prescient book. A novel to be read again and again.

From 'Ladder to the Sky' to 'Remains of the Day'. Jen Campbell reviews this year's shortlist.

Convenience Store Virtues (or, the Alienation of Modern Life)

The third in Smith's seasonal quartet. A small bookshop with mighty ambitions. The much anticipated second novel from this bestselling author. A collection of short stories inspired by myth and fairy tales. Advice and tips on beginning and finishing a book. A nostalgic winter read.

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I think someone visiting the US from Japan would be quite disappointed if they walked into a store here YouTuber and Twitch streamer Cory May, who recently moved back to Japan after 20 years away from his home country, recalled his first impressions of convenience stores in the US. Some of the ever-rotating additions, such as multiple flavours of Kit-Kats including matcha and the seasonal sakura sake , or thin icing-covered biscuits called Pocky, have gained international appreciation.

By Sayaka Murata, and and, Ginny Tapley Takemori

But while you can find global favourites like ice cream, biscuits and chocolate bars, much of the convenience store food is often more in line with traditional Japanese flavours. Pancakes filled with red bean paste — a mass-market version of dorayaki — are popular. Mochiko, a sweetened paste made from glutinous rice, finds its way into pastries and ice creams.

Yes, snacks and novelty items are a big part of their trade, but the goal of the konbini is to be a one-stop shop for all household needs. Mochimaru highlights the bento box — pre-made, ready-to-eat meals in a box — as one such example. Now, with additional women entering the workforce, more people are opting for easy-to-eat options.

It helps to minimise the amount of time spent eating and to avoid doing the dishes. Women have it easy in that sense. Shiraha is a fantastic foil to Keiko, a misogynist with zero redeeming features, ugly with self-pity and rage.

Convenience Store Woman review: a deeply engaging debut novel

Murata is an award-winning writer in her native Japan. Convenience Store Woman is her first book to be translated into English and the rights have sold in 12 territories.

This is a story that readers could easily stay with all over again were it to be longer. It is a small complaint for a book that invites us into its world of social normalcy and refuses a convenient exit. Sponsored Applications for National Childcare Scheme entitlement to open November 20th Capture the taste of Christmas in these cocktail and dessert recipes Wearable tech: 'It has helped by putting structure on going to bed' Need a more efficient business?

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata | Book Club

Convenience Store Woman review: a deeply engaging debut novel Sakaya Murata writes with a deadpan humour in this sure-fire hit of the summer Sakaya Murata: her oddball narrator delivers quips at an impressive rate. Sarah Gilmartin. Sat, Jun 30, , First published: Sat, Jun 30, , Capture the taste of Christmas in these cocktail and dessert recipes.

Convenience Store Woman: Meet Author Sayaka Murata

Wearable tech: 'It has helped by putting structure on going to bed'. Need a more efficient business? Take the Productivity Challenge.

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