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What sets Dark Harbor apart is its use of its surroundings; the dark, cramped confines of the Queen Mary are already pretty spooky even without monsters—just be prepared to climb a lot of skinny staircases. And speaking of io9's always-excellent coverage of science fiction movies, here's something for all you TRON fans : "Software developer JT Nimoy has an amazing collection of images from Tron Legacy on his site, where he explains all the math, physics, and old-school computer geekery that he put into making Flynn's digital world.

See also: sidekick comedy robot. Pringles Gets Hi-Tech. Alexis Madrigal hits another home run at the Atlantic with this story about Mark Pringle of Amsterdam, New York, "who co-patented a 'method and apparatus for processing potatoes' in that bears a striking resemblance to later methods of potato chip manufacture. He was, actually, trying to solve the same problem that Pringles later did. Namely, actually frying regular potatoes leads to irregularly-shaped chips of varying crunchiness that don't last on the shelf for very long.

Schroedinger's Fattest Cat. When Bad Breaks are Good.

DIY revolution: Donald Weber's Molotov cocktail 'portraits'

Donna Nelson, technical advisor for the awesome series, Breaking Bad , talks about her experiences injecting good science into fictional worlds — and how sometimes you need to get things wrong, i. Gross-Out of the Week. Mo Costandi over at Neurophilosophy features an illustrated history of trepanation , as well as an interview with self-trepanner Heather Perry. You're welcome. Just How Much is a Dragon Worth? Forbes ' Michael Noer breaks down his criteria for calculating the value of imaginary fortunes for the magazine's annual Fictional 15 ranking of the richest fictional characters.


He is not just making it up! He swears! Stop the presses!

Turns out blue eyes aren't really blue after all , and physics optics, to be precise can prove it. Blue eyes are blue for the same reason the sky is blue — scattered light. Phase Anatomy. The artists used the body-slices of the male cadaver from The Visible Human Project. Per the Project's Website:. The animation was played fullscreen on a computer, which was moved around by an assistant while being photographed in a dark environment. Variations in the movement of the computer during each exposure created differences in the shape of the body throughout the series.

The opening page of "Smoke Ghost" as it appeared in Unknown Worlds. Combine whiskey, vermouth and bitters with a few ice cubes in a mixing glass. Stir gently until the mixture is chilled. Put the cherry in the bottom of a chilled coupe glass and strain the mixed drink into the glass.

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Graham Joyce's The Tooth Fairy works both as dark fantasy and as a coming-of-age novel. The Tooth Fairy , the novel by late British author Graham Joyce, is the kind of dark fiction that eschews quick, easy scares for something more disquieting. Its pervading feeling of unease sticks with you long after you finish.

Things take an odd turn for them, though, the day Sam loses a tooth and sticks it under his pillow, expecting the usual compensation. Sam awakes as the Tooth Fairy sneaks in through an open window. The book traces the growth of the characters through a series of episodes during their formative years. We laugh and wince as Sam and his buddies engage in petty vandalism, are bullied by older boys, discover masturbation and, ultimately, girls.

It works as both as creepy dark fantasy and as a coming-of-age novel. Joyce brings Sam and his friends to such vivid life, one wonders how many of the experiences were his own. The characters feel real and we identify with them, which makes the supernatural threat all the more disturbing. Shake gin, lemon juice, chamomile syrup and bitters over ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a strip of lemon peel.

Bring the sugar and water to a boil over medium heat. Add the tea and let it continue to boil for a minute or so. Remove from heat and continue to steep for an hour. Cool and strain syrup into a jar. It keeps refrigerated for up to a month. Gravity takes place in the Budayeen, a gritty-yet-glamorous criminal quarter of an unnamed Middle-Eastern city. Enter Marid Audran, a youthful freelance fixer who prefers his wits to a weapon. The madman is terrorizing the ghetto, driven by bootlegged cartridges that plug into his brain and feed him the personalities of seasoned killers from James Bond to a sadistic torturer named Khan.

Audran soon learns his subtle approach may not work against this new adversary.

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Gravity is a dirty, dangerous ride and Effinger wisely leads with his setting. The opening lines reel us in with the promise of peril:. It was handy to have the graveyard so close-at-hand. The Budayeen was a dangerous place and everyone knew it. Turns out, he modeled the district on his home town of New Orleans. Combine all ingredients except the club soda in a shaker without ice and shake to combine.

Add a generous number of ice cubes and continue shaking for another minute or two. Strain into a glass and top with club soda. Stir and serve. Add the cinnamon stick and let it continue to boil for a minute or so. Remove from heat and continue to steep for an hour or so. Cool and remove the cinnamon stick.

The Spacer blends ingredients that riff on the exoticism of the other in "Aye, and Gomorrah People saving or destroying planets, besting alien adversaries and exploring new dimensions. And here was a short story deemed important enough to win the Nebula award that was simply about a woman propositioning the protagonist for sex — or something like sex.

They grow into sterile, androgynous adults whose original sex is the subject of guessing games. The story begins with a group of Spacers on a Kerouac-esque road trip that whisks them from France to Mexico to Texas to Turkey, drawing gawks from the populace along the way. We learn the Spacers are hustling for frelks, seeking compensation for their desirable androgyny and sterility. About midway through the story, the unnamed Spacer protagonist ends up making eye contact with a pretty Turkish student, who invites him to her apartment.

I love you for that, Spacer. My love starts with the fear of love. We pick up those details gradually, through dialogue and action, as the story unfolds.

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