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The affection and compassion of her love makes him understand the meaning of life. For him yesterday was beautiful and today has become a silent secret in the bosom of the earth. Time has no heal over him and still painful memories flapped him like invisible wings around him. The description, philosophy and mystery of love have a powerful overflow of emotions when one starts reading this book.

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Although, he has lost his love but the past memories haunt him and compel him to revive his love for the Selma. In the remaining chapters, the author takes into account the detail overview of his life in the novel. He begins with;. The gardens were full of Nisan flowers and the earth was carpeted with green grass, and like a secret of earth revealed to Heaven.

The orange trees and apple trees, looking like houris or brides sent by nature to inspire poets and excite the imagination, were wearing white garments of perfumed blossoms. Khalil is in Beirut, who meets Ferris Effandi, a friend of his father. After five years she gives birth to a beautiful boy who dies as soon as he takes birth. She begins to see death as her rescuer.

Defying the social customs of the day, the two meet secretly and regularly in a secluded temple to talk and share their thoughts. Of course, they are breaking the law — and yet the practice still goes on.

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NH: Jia took a lot of flak in China, even though he condemns kidnapping unequivocally, from women readers who accused him of being too sympathetic to the kidnappers. DL: Jia shows how these men are shaped by the bleak environment in which they find themselves. Bright Black behaves in an appalling way, but you also see occasional flashes of compassion and warmth within him. In a different environment, and with the benefit of an education, you feel this would be a different person.

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Butterfly wrestles with the question of whether Black is a good or bad person, and, at a significant point in the story, she reproaches herself for wishing him dead. Some readers may be similarly conflicted. NH: Are there any features of village life that particularly impressed themselves on you?

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DL: In addition to the casual brutality and violence, I found the squabbling and simmering tensions in this village particularly oppressive. There are no secrets and no sense of individual privacy. The place is awash with rumours and gossip.

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  8. NH: How do you think western readers will react, given the strangeness both of the background and of the storyline? This is a completely different world, a rural China that in one sense has been little touched by the reform and opening-up process, but which has also been devasted by it, in that the youngest and most able villagers have been lured away, leaving the old, the uneducated, the disabled and sick to fend for themselves.

    NH: Trafficking is rife globally, of course. So I was very interested in how reviewers would react in Mexico, where the Spanish-language translation by Liljana Arsovska came out as La Flor Suprema in Labels: Chinese fiction , Chinese writers , human trafficking , Indie spotlight , Jia Pingwa , kidnapping , On translation , translation , Women.