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Share in the early weeks of sleepless nights. Even if you're not giving supplementary bottles, there's plenty you can do: Pick baby up, do any necessary diaper changing, deliver baby to mom for feedings and return baby to the crib or bassinet once the feeding is finished. Not only will you be connecting more with your baby, you'll also be giving Mom some much-needed rest. Be a bouncer.

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Friends and family will no doubt be anxious to meet your brand-new baby, but know when to say no…and hold your ground. If you and Mom are wiped out or just not up to guests yet, feel free to politely banish newborn visitors. Pick up her shift. So pick up the slack on dishes, laundry, dusting, thank-you notes — whatever needs doing, whenever you can. Don't be a martyr. Let your folks cook or bring in a meal, let a pal do a load of laundry, let your sister change a diaper or take the baby for a stroll. Most importantly, never turn down an opportunity to grab a nap.

Listen up.

Lots of people will offer you new-dad advice, but the most important person to listen to once the baby arrives is your partner. The educational health content on What To Expect is reviewed by our team of experts to be up-to-date and in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines, including the medically reviewed What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff.

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This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information. No matter how many books you read, other babies you hold, or advice you half-listen to from your in-laws, when you have your first child, it's the first time you're a parent and you're going to have to figure everything our for yourself. We wanted to breast feed, but my wife couldn't. Our son wasn't eating. We didn't wait for the first-week checkup. We were at the pediatrician's office on day 3 to find out what kind of bombshell news we were going to be hit with.

It's scary. Me, my wife and my newborn son all lived in the same bedroom for the first year of his life. It wasn't always ideal, but it was easy to roll over and pick him up from his crib and bring him into our bed.

He'd call for us, and we'd go get him. Eventually when he was in a toddler bed, he could simply get out of bed on his own and climb into ours, parting my wife and I like the Red Sea, sometimes not even feeling he was in between us. Well, I would, because he'd kick mercilessly, which may explain my lower back issues and my affinity for sleeping on couches. Once you start letting your child do something it becomes a pattern.

Some people may object to welcoming their child into their bed, for example, like we did. Sure, doing so sometimes put a damper on personal time with my wife, but all my son ever wanted when climbing into bed with us was to snuggle and feel comfortable. Sharing our bed with my son really allowed my wife and I to build our relationship with him, but to this day he still likes to fall asleep in our bed every night before I pick him up and transfer him to his own bedroom.

Although it's not necessarily a bad habit, my wife and I are looking forward to upgrading to a king sized mattress.

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My wife and I took a pre-birthing class at the local hospital where we were taught to always dress our newborn in one layer of clothing more than what we were wearing. Once our son was old enough to have a say in what he wore, however, we discovered that he seemed to run warm. On his third birthday mid-January, mind you we took him to the bike shop to buy his first bike.

It was cold. Cold enough where he should be wearing a thick, puffy coat. We were.

How to Be a Good Father: Tips & Advice for Dads

He insisted he'd be okay in just a t-shirt and sweatshirt — and he was! Maybe it was the adrenaline of hopping on that new bike, but my son was comfortable and we let him decide what type of jacket he wore from that day forward barring extreme weather situations. If I had a nickel for every "one more bite" I was forced to take as a child, I'd have enough nickels to buy a nickel making machine. Parents always think, actually demand, they know more about their children then the children themselves.

Kids, however, tell you when they're hungry. You know how they'll do it? Whether they cry, use sign language, open the refrigerator door and take out a tub of cream cheese on their own or simply use their words. They know what and when they want to eat — you just have to listen. Unlike some other parents and caregivers, my wife and I don't like to force our son to share.

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When he wants to bring anything of value with him to the playground, we remind him other kids may want to ask him to take a turn. Our motto is it's okay to say no and if you don't want to deal with the requests, leave the toy at home. One mother in our neighborhood has a son about a year younger than ours. Every time we'd see her, she'd inquire about ours son's ability to use a toilet.

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She's be aghast when we told her we weren't potty training. In my opinion, a child knows when they're ready. Ours simply told us: When I turn four, I'll wear underwear and pee in a potty.

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Until then, my wife and I encouraged him to try, rewarded him on his sticker chart if he did, read a book about how toilets work — but we never forced him to 'potty train' before he was ready. And nearly to the day of his fourth birthday, our son decided to pull up a pair of superhero underwear and set forth on his new path to peeing freedom. Sure, there were accidents, but a lot less than you might expect. I'm Jewish, my wife's Catholic. You might feel overwhelmed at first, but brand-new dads come fully equipped for fatherhood. Fathers are just as good as mothers at recognising and responding to the needs of their newborns.

You probably parent in a different way from your partner, and adapting to your different parenting styles helps your baby learn social skills. Try everything Dressing , settling , playing , bathing and nappy changing — these are all great ways to bond with your baby. Parenting skills are partly a matter of practice — you get better and more confident the more hands-on experience you get. Keep trying Resist the urge to hand your baby back to mum when things get demanding. One-on-one time will build your confidence and skills.

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Spend one-on-one time with baby This is a really important part of developing a strong and lasting bond. This hormone makes your baby feel good. It also builds connections between nerve cells, stimulating brain development. Talk is like brain food for babies. Here are some ideas:.