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It was directed by Giuseppe de Santis d. The engines were mainly Giannini units, although Fiat and Crosley items were also used. Ministers from Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, West Germany, Italy and France put their names on the Treaty of Paris, the founding document of what in four decades would become the European Union. She opened her 1st school in San Lorenzo, Italy, in In he moved to Switzerland, living in Zurich and Lugano, where he invested his fortune with success. He left a substantial inheritance to his daughter Angela Lina Balzan — , who at the time was suffering an incurable disease.

Before her death, she left instructions for a foundation, the Balzan Prize Foundation. Since then it has two headquarters, the Prize administered from Milan, the Fund from Zurich. The car originated with the Italian firm of Iso SpA.

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In the early s the company was building refrigerators, motor scooters and small three-wheeled trucks. Iso's owner, Renzo Rivolta, decided he would like to build a small car for mass distribution. By the engineers Ermenegildo Preti and Pierluigi Raggi had designed a small car that used the scooter engine and named it Isetta—an Italian diminutive meaning little ISO. It was made by Luchino Visconti.

He resigned after 12 days following a vote of no confidence in Parliament. He later became head of the UN Gen'l. In Desio became the 1st Italian to reach the South Pole. She achieved this despite an ankle injury. The Treaty of Rome enabled people, goods, services and money to move unchecked throughout the Union. The Council of Ministers represents the governments of the members. Major decisions are made by the Council of Foreign Ministers. A member Commission composed of appointed representatives of each member state serves as the administrative arm and members represent the Union.

The Commission proposes and executes laws and policies. A European Parliament is composed of members elected by the electorates of the member states and they sit in party groups. The Commission proposes, the Parliament advises, and the Council decides. The goal was to create a common market for all products but especially coal and steel. In Fiat introduced the F model.

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The car could get 58 mpg from its 4. The groups came together intending to reawaken the radical political potential of surrealism.

The group also later drew ideas from the left communist group Socialisme ou Barbarie. It tells the adventures of a boy who climbs up a tree to spend the rest of his life inhabiting an arboreal kingdom. The tale of a fishing community was directed by Gillo Pontecorvo He and his co-driver were killed along with 10 bystanders when the car ran off the road at 90 mph.

He was a signatory to the Futurist Manifesto, and designed and painting Futurist furniture. He also created Futurist "antineutral" clothing. It was directed by Mario Monicelli. Born with a glorious Italian tenor, Lanza resisted all professional urgings. He first came to light while in the Army, then started singing publicly, first on radio, then in movies. Lanza put several teachers through hell because he would not learn to read music, and he began to believe his hype as the century's greatest talent since Enrico Caruso a thought which made Mrs. He spent money as fast as he earned it, pampering himself through his life.

Her athleticism was remarkable since Rudolph contracted polio as a small child and spent six years in a steel brace. With therapy and hard work, Rudolph overcame her handicap to excel in basketball and track. As a celebrity, she worked to break many gender and racial barriers. Rudolph died of brain cancer. In the company filed for bankruptcy.

In the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Bernard Tunnel was finished and Swiss and Italians workers shook hands. In she was among six new saints named by Pope John Paul II because she'd refused to end her pregnancy despite warnings it could kill her.

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In the s he and Lucio Bini pioneered the use of electroconvulsive therapy ECT , electric shock, to cure patients of depression. This established him in the art world with his idea that art is reality reshuffled. A year later they hired a young designer named Karl Lagerfeld who helped catapult the Italian brand into global fame, with a focus on designing luxury furs. He developed the Gini coefficient, a measure of the income inequality in a society.

Whole libraries of valuable ancient documents were soaked.

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In prosecutors exhumed his body and said they had laid to rest suspicions that he had been murdered. A subsequent movie based on it, called "Massacre in Rome," stirred controversy because it suggested Pope Pius XII did not intervene to stop the massacre even though he knew about the Nazis' plans. They were not intended as an indicator of quality.

The exploit was captured on film. By it had 60, members in 70 countries and had become active in faith-based peacemaking. In Pietro Pacciani 69 was convicted of 14 murders and sentenced to life in prison following trial that was televised. He was cleared in and ordered to face a retrial, but died in Pacciani's friend, Mario Vanni 70 and Giancarlo Lotti 54 were convicted of their involvement in five of the double murders. Vanni was given a life sentence and Lotti received a sentence of 26 years in prison.

In Florentine authorities reopened the case amid speculation they were investigating up to a dozen wealthy Italians who orchestrated the ritualistic killings by manipulating a trio of voyeuristic peasants. In Mario Spezi, a journalist who has worked with the American thriller author Douglas Preston on a book about the killings, was arrested and accused of slander and sidetracking the investigation.

He enjoyed a long career at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and appeared at other international theatres. E13 www. Peter Watson, English novelist, later wrote "The Caravaggio Conspiracy," an account of his attempt to recover the work.


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The crime fable was set in Turin, Italy. It was based on a satiric novel by Petronius Arbiter. In he began restoring the ruined church by hand. A bell was hung in the campanile in Giuseppi Pinelli, one anarchist that was interrogated by the police, was reported to have fallen from a 4th floor window during interrogation. Gunther 24 died during the descent.

A6 TVM, , p. E3 Econ. Their rivalry inspired much of the film, "Big Blue," directed by Luc Besson. He had founded the Paoline Family, which includes a publishing operation printing many religious books as well as Famiglia Cristiana, a top-selling weekly that covers issues of daily life, from homemaking to education, and religious life.

He resigned 6 months before the end of his 7-year term amid allegations of links to a payoff scandal involving Lockheed Corp. The film was based on the book by Giorgio Bassani d. He had been falsely suspected of having killed the anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli in In Leonardo Marino, a former far left Lotta Continua militant, confessed that he drove a getaway car and that Adriano Sofri b.

Sofri was convicted in Street Painting Festival. This revived a 16th century practice by itinerant artists who traveled from village to village for religious and folk festivals. It was directed by Lina Wertmuller. In Leonardo Marino, a former far left Lotta Continua militant, confessed that he drove a getaway car and that Adriano Sofri, a writer, had masterminded the killing. Only after his ear was chopped off and sent to a Rome paper did his father J.

Paul Getty II, agree to lend money for a ransom.

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Paul III was permanently affected by the trauma, and became a drug addict. He was held for 35 days. At the conference, which had opened on Nov. A10 www. This led to a new drug in that seemed to shrink arterial blockages. She was later killed while trying to kidnap a businessman and Curcio was recaptured. Venice was built on small islands. By the early s, rising seawater and floods threatened Venice. Scientists determined that Venice was sinking, and that much of the city would disappear if swift measures were not taken.

Beside her was the dead body of her friend Rosaria Lopez Both had undergone hours of torture before Lopez was finally drowned in a bath. Colasanti had escaped the same fate only by playing dead. Andrea Ghira was found guilty in the "Circeo Massacre," named for the town near Rome where two girls were held captive for 36 hours and then left wrapped in plastic in a car trunk, where one girl died.