PDF 6 Weeks to a Thick Chest and Broad Shoulders

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Use Proper Technique. Touch your shirt on the way down, lock your elbows at the top. Lower the weight if you have to.

The Path to Perfect Pecs Starts With This 4-Week Program

Set Realistic Goals. The average guy will gain maximum 2lb of lean muscle a month. You need to be patient and keep chipping at it. Be Patient. Your body is still developing. Build the foundation and be patient. Your chest will change as you get older. Bench Press. Allows you to stress your body with heavy weights. And, as always, a lot of core control is crucial to performing this push-up variation correctly.

Switch the position of your hands after every push-up. If this movement is too explosive or challenging for you. Keep in mind you really have to get some air in this push-up variation! This variation does require some shoulder mobility and flexibility. Be sure to really warm-up your shoulders before trying this out.

Muscles to Work out and Make You Look Big

A good warm-up exercise would be plank to down dog. Try to get your biceps by your ears when reaching your arms out.

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Place your arms wider than shoulder width when performing this push-up variation. Notice that only one arm is bending during the exercise. The other arm should have a slight bend in the elbow but be fairly straight.

The Ideal Male Body is Forged With Heavy Weight

Notice that the feet are placed very wide. This really helps with stabilization of the whole body.

Do these look a bit too challenging? Try your best! Start with the classic push-up and really master the form. Search Advanced….

The Best Chest Exercises for Building a Broad, Strong Upper Body

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Bigger Wider Shoulders in 14 DAYS (With 1 DUMBBELL!)

Jun 5, 3, 8 I've seen guys in the gym with pecs that border on B cups. I am transforming my body from the skinny fat I am now, to a more athletic physique and I would prefer my pecs by more flat, like pancake shaped rather than sticking out like boobs. Is there certain chest exercises to avoid or ones to focus on to accomplish this? Sep 26, 5, 1, TheSiege said:. Reactions: Kaido. SlitheryDee Lifer. Feb 2, 17, 18 It's hard to understand what you're describing here.

Do you mean that these guys are walking around with such large pectoral muscles that they appear to have breasts, or do you just mean they're just fat?

Get strong and ripped up top with this three-workouts-a-week chest, back and shoulders plan

If it's the first problem, don't worry about it. It's going to take a very long time to reach that level of development. If you ever hit the point where you think you've got enough chest muscle, you can stop increasing the weight of your workouts and stay there. I suppose one thing you can do to help is avoid anything that's targeting the lower pecs. Decline presses, chest-centric dips, decline flies, etc are all purported to hit the lower pecs. Targeting your lower pecs means that the bottom half of your chest will get thick, which will cause your shirt to sort of "tent" over it, which might sometimes look like moobs.

Most of those are exercises I don't concern myself with anyway because I think they're a waste of time except for the dips , but they are extra counter productive if you're specifically avoiding a thick lower chest. A lot of it is going to be bodyfat percentage as well.

Even if you're relatively lean, you might still carry a bit of extra fat in your lower pecs.